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I'm Alfredo Narváez.

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Hey there!

I'm Alfredo, a Web Developer who's been around both Frontend and Backend development. I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge about new frameworks and ways to do things. Traveling and exploring new cultures and places is one of my favorite things to do. I'm very passionate about music, web design and video editing. I like working in areas in which I have to learn and continuously expand my knowledge and adapt quickly to new situations.


Here's some more information about myself:

  • Fullname: Alfredo Gerardo Narváez Docimo
  • Birth Date: August 7, 1995
  • Job: Frontend Developer, UI/UX Designer, Freelance web design / development, ReactNative Android & iOS
  • Email: alfredonado@gmail.com


Through constant learning and hard work, these are the skills I have acquired:

  • 95%
    CSS3 / SASS / PostCSS
  • 80%
    Nodejs microservices
  • 90%
    Javascript / React / ES6
  • 70%
    Azure DevOps
  • 90%
    Unit / Integration testing


Work Experience

Front-End Developer

Nov 2018 - Present


    During my time at Pasiona, I worked on a web project for Travelport. Travelport's travel commerce platform provides distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the travel and tourism industry. It is one of the world's three major global distribution system (GDS) operators. As a Front-End Developer, my tasks included:
  • Development of plugins making use of the Point Of Sale SDK which is built as an API on top of React/Redux to manage the whole application state easier.
  • Development of React components making use of Redux, selectors (Reselect), Dispatchers, and ES6 best practices.
  • Management of CSS through PostCSS, BEM, and Emotion.
  • Pipelines management through Azure DevOps for continuous integration.
  • Microservices in Nodejs with Express.
  • Making use of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices)

Front-End Developer/Designer

Feb 2018 - Oct 2018


  • Development of new functionalities for the website based on ASP.NET
  • Creation of Web Layouts for their later implementation in React
  • Creation of SQL scripts & for testing cases in different BBDD environments
  • Make use of BEM principles for the development of less & sass styles

Junior Web Layout Designer UI/UX

Oct 2017 - Feb 2018


  • Development of HTML newsletters following effective design aesthetics for email marketing & campaigns
  • Version control using Source Tree
  • Creation of PowerPoint presentations. based on modern design patterns
  • Development of banners for SEM campaigns, advertisement, and overall graphics editing in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Mockups & Wireframing for UX/UI using Zeplin
  • ASP.NET, React, jQuery & Less for web development

Guest Speaker

July 2017


After my studies in Stucom, I had the chance to partake —with four of my classmates and our tutor— as a speaker in Angular Camp 2017, an opportunity of which I feel very honored about. We got the chance to meet some amazing people and to speak in public, which is something I really enjoy. In our talk we covered what JHipster is, what it is used for, and how to start using it! We also had the opportunity to showcase some of our applications which are featured also in the JHipster page.

PHP Programmer

June 2016 - Feb 2017


  • Extraction of information located within the HTML source code of multiple retail stores through regular expressions
  • Storage of the data in XML files for their later use
  • Creation of scraping bots (web crawlers)
  • Web debugging with tools such as Fiddler, in order to isolate data structured in JSON files


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

Sep 2018 - Present

Marconi International University - Miami, Florida

Currently in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree from MIU through distance learning.

Diploma in online marketing and search engine optimization

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

  • Acquire the necessary skills to carry out a search marketing campaign aimed at improving the promotion, traffic, sale or acquisition of customers for a specific web page
  • Developing search marketing campaigns to increase customer acquisition while improving the positioning of a website in different search engines in order to get relevant traffic
  • Understand different ways to measure the success and results of a strategy

Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications (Honors)

Sep 2015 - June 2017

Stucom Centre d'Estudis, Barcelona, Spain

During my studies at Stucom, I learned the importance that state-of-the-art technologies play in the development of safe, optimal, and usable applications. Not only did I learn OOP, modular programming, and software architecture, but I also now have a deeper understanding of software engineering and how to work on projects with a high level of complexity. I am deeply honored and I feel terribly humbled to have received an Academic Excellence award at the end of my studies. After my studies in Stucom, I also had the chance to partake —with four of my classmates and our tutor— as a speaker in Angular Camp 2017, an opportunity of which I feel very honored about as well.

Certificate in Advanced English

Jun 2014 - Sep 2014

Collège LaSalle, Montréal

Throughout my studies at MILC, I achieved an overall improvement of the language while preparing to take my Certification in Advanced English. Furthermore, I partook in a video contest hosted by the center and accomplished two objectives which were: prove myself that I can adapt to different situations, and achieve an enjoyable creation.


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Through constant learning and hard work, these are the skills I have acquired


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